Superyacht Jobs

What kind of jobs can you get on a Superyacht?

Your first job on a Superyacht will likely fall into one of the following broad categories:


You will be responsible for keeping the exterior of the boat immaculate. You will be involved in all yacht manoeuvres, helping to navigate, anchor, and moor the vessel. You will assist with entertaining the guests outside the vessel: taking them ashore in the tender, taking them wake boarding, water-skiing or diving, as well as launching and recovering jet-skis.

As an entry level deckhand it would help to have some familiarity with boats and/or water sports.

From the position of deckhand you can go on to become Bosun, 2nd Mate, 1st Mate and, eventually, even the Captain.


You will be responsible for keeping the interior of the boat immaculate. This will involve making beds, cleaning rooms, and doing laundry. You will provide silver service where required and make as well as serve all drinks. Being a stewardess on a Superyacht is the pinnacle of the hospitality industry and you will provide service of the highest standard.

As an entry level stewardess it will help if you have experience in the hospitality industry. Other relevant experience would include barista training, silver service experience and bar work, especially any training in making and presenting high class cocktails.

From the position of stewardess you can go on to become 2nd Stewardess, and eventually Chief Stewardess in charge of managing the whole interior of the vessel.


You will be responsible for keeping all the equipment on the vessel in good working order. Maintenance will be done in accordance with a planned schedule and anything that breaks will need to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

As an entry level engineer any type of practical apprenticeship training will be relevant, as will any higher education in mechanical or electrical engineering.

From the position of Engineer you can go on to become a Chief Engineer.


You will be responsible for providing gourmet food for the guests. Cooking whatever they want, whenever they want it. And you will have to feed the crew as well! You will have to provision your galley so that you have everything you need to produce fresh, delicious food for trips of a week and longer without getting additional supplies.

On a large Superyacht you may start as Crew Chef or Sous-Chef and work your way up to Head Chef. On smaller boats you will be the Head Chef and the Crew Chef and the Sous-Chef!

Different types of Superyacht Jobs

The job descriptions above are only broad descriptions and your role will depend on the size and type of boat you work on. Smaller boats employ deck/stewardesses, deck/engineers, and stewardess/chefs. Larger boats have more crew and jobs will be more specialised; you may be employed as a dedicated tender driver or an onboard dive instructor, you may work solely in the laundry, or as a beautician/masseuse. The possibilities are endless. Which Superyacht job would you like?


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